We proudly announce!


For your delight and enjoyment, we share with you these confirmed guest speakers.

Day Meeting February 20th: Clair Acres.

Clair will speak and is also be bringing her shop ‘Clair’s (fabulous awesome outrageous cool wonderful bizarre wild) Fabrics’. Yes, that’s printed on her business card! Her shop is inside the Warrandyte Nursery, and if you haven’t been there it’s a treat. Check out her website for the squillion fabrics, and the best feature is being able to see the fabrics in lists of colour! I’m sure Clair would be only too happy to prepare your order and bring it with her to save you a trip. No matter what - be prepared for some stash building on the day!

Day Meeting April 17th: Kerrie Thomas

Kerrie is a local long-arm quilter from Macedon (Black Forest Quilting) who has used her skills on quilts for both EQI and individual members. She will talk about long-arm quilting, including how to prepare your quilt, choosing designs and answering your questions.

Evening Sit and Sew May 22nd: The Quilt Shop Eltham.

Alison and Sharon will give a talk and are also bringing their shop. Bright and modern with classes as well. What’s unusual about their blog are the mouthwatering recipes for the cakes and slices you get to eat at the ‘Friday Cake O’Clock’ friendship group. Explore here.

Quilt In 24th August: Margaret Mew.

Quiltmania author, pattern designer and patchwork tutor - with a love of traditional hand piecing, hand applique and hand quilting - what a delight! No doubt Margaret will have her patterns available at the Quilt In - so check out her work here.

Day Meeting and AGM October 16th: Margaret Rolfe

Margaret (OAM) is renowned for her knowledge of the history of quilts, pattern designer, and author of many patchwork quilting books, plus lots more! Have a quick look here to recognise her work. You can also browse and borrow her books from our Library.

Put these dates in your diary now! If you forget, go to the EQI website and click on ‘Events’ in the Menu. You can choose either the List or the Calendar, then click on an Event to ‘Read More’. Here you will find dates; times; costs; Guest Speakers; Show & Tell focus, reminders of what to bring etc.