Dear Swee …

It took me a while to find my sewing mojo when the coronavirus turned our lives upside down. I was working quite a bit from home and helping my granddaughter with her schoolwork via FaceTime or, more honestly, keeping her out of her parents’ hair for a little while so they could both work uninterrupted! However, eventually, I tackled some lapsed projects. The first is one that was popular at EQI quite a while ago. After our friend Swee died, our little group lost the impetus to finish the Dear Jane quilts we were working on so we opted for this MUCH easier project using Civil War reproduction fabrics. This one is called ‘Dear Swee’. Hope you like the window view.
The Japanese quilt, mostly still in pieces, is a repeat gift for a close friend who loved his last one to death! I took that as a great compliment. He wanted this one to be as close as possible to its predecessor.


Cheers, Barbara G