Author: Denise Shearer

Essendon Historical Society – a lovely thank you

Mr Bob Chalmers, President expressed that it was a lovely surprise when he received our gift of $600, which we raised selling one of our Quilts for Others at the Quilt Show. He requested that members be made aware of his gratitude for the contribution. He also wrote:

  • “On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Essendon Historical Society, I wish to express our most sincere thanks for raising funds for the Courthouse Recovery
  • We are grateful to your members for your most welcome support and we look forward to the time when we can welcome you back inside our lovely heritage building.
  • The work at the Courthouse is progressing well, both inside and outside, and we are hoping to be able to open at some time in July

Farewell and Thanks:”

The Committee has received the following handwritten note from Helen, retiring CEO Caroline Chisolm Society.

“As I prepare to finish up as CEO at Caroline Chisolm Society, it fills me with joy that those who’ve come before me and the team is still present with us. The quilt in our foyer is a treasure. I wish you well for the future and want to say –

Thank you”