‘Good Fortune’ …

Jacquie A


Hi Everyone
With the recent release of Bonnie Hunters 2020 mystery quilt - Grassy Creek - it motivated me to try and finish two others I’d started but not completed. This one is her 2018 mystery - Good Fortune - which in lieu of the year we’ve had, definitely needs to be finished. Of the 3 mystery quilts of hers I’ve started, this is the first one where I bravely changed the colours before the final reveal. Where mine is pink and purple she’d used orange and dark blue respectively. If you really want a piecing challenge these are definitely worthwhile and FREE. Her instructions are very comprehensive and she often provides multiple versions to achieve the same step. To help me baste this quilt I purchased 3 pool noodles from Bunnings for the huge expense of $4.50 and they did make it easier. So now for the quilting!
Have a great Christmas.
Jacquie A
(eNews editor: Have a look at this playlist of YouTube videos that explain how to baste with pool noodles.)