Quilts for foster children …

Lorraine C


We are still in lockdown for a while (hopefully not so much on Sunday) and this is an ideal time to make something for a foster child from scraps of material and wadding leftover from other projects. This quilt was made from scraps from bindings, for one of Tegan’s friends so long ago she cannot remember which friend.

EQI started donating quilts many years ago to Baptcare. I am sure (I hope I am not telling a “furphy” - gossip spread around the furphy water tank during WW1), that this came about through Rosalie Follet, who was a long time Member of EQI, and a long time foster Mum. We usually give a couple of bags of quilts at Xmas time so they can be delivered to kids.

What is an easy quilt to make? 6 1/2” squares, or my favourite, quilt as you go (QAYG). Join scraps of wadding to make, in my case, 12 1/2” square, and a backing fabric the same size. This does not have to be the same fabric, mix and match are great. The strips don’t have to be the same width. Small and large is great, no seams to align. Teenage boy, girl, baby, or 10 / 12 y.o. I think I will sew around the square to keep the wadding and backing together and off we go.

Lay the first strip across the corner and lay the second strip, right sides together, pin and sew across where they join. Iron second strip right side up and put the third strip on and sew, iron and keep on laying and ironing. See photo if you have no idea what I am trying to say. Warning, check strips near the centre to make sure they are long enough when ironed up to cover wadding. Trim to the desired size.

Joining with sashings next week.

If you don’t quilt, for squares you can “tie” quilts with cotton every 4″ to 6″. Using thick cotton and needle, sew through three layers, leaving an end sticking up, about 2”.  Stitch front to back, back to front, twice and tie the knot on the front of the quilt. Reef knots are good, right over left, left over right and leave a 1” of cotton from the knot.

I cheated and put on borders on Tegan’s quilt but you don’t have to. The sashings on the front do not have to match the back.

Most of all, have fun and think how good you will feel to use up those scraps you have been saving but could not throw out.
(For Nadine, 13 and 11 yo)

Keep well