Still working with Joanne’s legacy …

Lorraine C

Still finishing off her bits and pieces. The teddies to go to Sunshine Hospital and will have another couple using up all the little balls of wool she had leftover from her dolls. (Something small to do when I take Christine to the Alfred. If you have a choice, don’t go there). The dolls clothes have gone to someone who dresses teddies for some charity.
I gave the doll to my great-niece, 1 1/2 years old (I am sure Joanne would not mind, she loved Tegan and Montana) and I made a teddy, yellow with black diagonal stripe with No 4 on the back (Dustin Martin, I think) and a black and yellow scarf.  He is 4 so too old for a normal teddy.
The patchwork cushion front is Joannes’ and I turned the back into a fidget cushion for a nursing home my brother is in. I will take that on Thursday when I visit him. Still another couple to do. I have a big box of bits to use up. Do you remember when we did the fidget tablecloths for another nursing home? It’s all about textures.
Quilting Margot’s quilt tops next week ready for QFO day hand sewing. Well, that’s the plan!!

Lorraine C.