Spinning and cooking! …

Lorraine C


I don’t know how many members started their textile journey by learning how to spin. I believe there must be a few of us. 20 years since I last made a jumper for Leon so I thought it was time. He is still wearing it. Made one for Daniel last year, extra-long, so he can wear it on his Harley. Have not seen him wear it yet.

Band keeps dropping off wheel all the time, I will not let it fuss me, it happens every few minutes, I am proud of myself. Have not had a drink yet.  Veerrryyy close. Just found a new band to replace the old one. Am I brave enough to try it?  We will see.

Notice the patchwork double star and hexagon table centre. Still plodding away !!!!!
Got some large eggs from Fullerton road op shop. Four double yolks from four eggs. Don’t know who was the most excited -Montana or me (I)?
Doing chicken stir fry, sushi, peanut butter cookies, spiders and making butter from cream. Montana is finishing her 4 blocks she started when she was 7 (into cushion) and Tegan is making scrunches for her girlfriends. That takes care of Monday and Tuesday. Back to spinning on Wednesday. Have enough wool done to do the front -cables, of course, and a ball to start the sleeves.

Keep well, everyone, and spring is just around the corner.  Daffs just coming out, jonquils are flowering beautifully and mandarins ready on the tree. Have to make one batch of marmalade for nephew to glaze his pork for Xmas. Kids will help on Monday after they have cooked lunch. Another cooking lesson.



Lorraine C