EQI Membership Renewal 2021/2022

a convenient way to renew your EQI membership...

Renew your 2021/2022 Membership online.

It’s quick and easy, just follow the instructions.

Fees of $45 are due by Oct 1st 2021.

Important Notes:-
  1. Annual General Meeting held on the third Wednesday in October. Members who have not renewed by 1st October will not be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. By applying to renew your membership via this form, you acknowledge your agreement to be bound by the terms of the Rules of Incorporation of Essendon Quilters Inc (A0021308R)
  3. Membership of EQI includes permission for the digital publishing of all EQI activities.
  4. Information provided in this form will be used to maintain the EQI’s Membership spreadsheet.


    1. Make the renewal payment via your online banking
    2. Enter the information requested into the form (Note: your name and Membership number should appear automatically when logged in).
    3. Click the ‘Send’ button

The form will be recorded and sent to the Treasurer. A confirmation email will be sent back to you.

Online Bank Transfer Details:

Essendon Quilters Inc Bank: Bendigo Bank

BSB No. 633000

Account No. 126900604

Bank Transfer Help:

To make your payment via Bank Direct Transfer and are unsure of ‘how to’, please refer to the example below:

    1. Go to your online transfer option - bank, credit union etc.
    2. Select your preferred account for payment
    3. Enter the Payee Name - Essendon Quilters Inc
    4. Enter the Bendigo Bank BSB number: 633000
    5. Enter the EQI Account Number: 126900604
    6. Enter the required payment amount
    7. ** For the Payment Reference (18 characters max.) enter:  event code, membership number; or event code, surname, initial e.g. MEM 6134 or MEM Brown S
    8. If this is the first time, you make a payment to EQI via this method, you will more than likely be sent an SMS from your banking institution to confirm the direct debit as well.
    9. Submit your payment and save a copy of your Bank Transfer receipt.

** IMPORTANT: The Treasurer needs to be able to identify the details (code and number or name) from the payment reference information.


As a requirement of compliance with our group insurance, please indicate your age group.

I have completed my Bank Transfer, please renew my EQI membership.


Thank you for choosing to renew your Membership of Essendon Quilters Inc.