Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild

Wow! Amazing quilts were shown at out March Evening Sit and Sew by the MMQG. A veritable feast for the eyes and information for the ears!

As explained by the MMQG - Sandra and her team - there’s a lot to learn about modern quilting.

Loosely based on the Amish use of plain bold colours and Gees Bend quilting, Denyse Schmidt is regarded as the doyen of the modern quilt movement. In 2009, the USA Modern Quilt Guild had over 12,000 worldwide members.

Factors at that time included:

  • changes in fabrics to bold colours
  • the rise of digital photography
  • use of online social media of Facebook and Instagram


To help recognise a modern quilt look for

  • bold colours
  • high contrast
  • graphic area
  • improvisational piecing
  • minimalism
  • negative space with quilting
  • ‘Mod Trad’ modern traditionalism

Modern quilts are functional quilts meant to be used, they are not works of art or considered to be art quilting. No, they are not ‘quick’ quilts as modern quilters also handpiece and hand quilt.

For more information, check out the above links, or check out one of the many books EQI has on modern quilting. Click here and type in ‘modern’ to see some of our holdings.

Thank you very much for the MMQG for sharing your stories and quilts with us!