Author: Jan Stewart

President’s Patter: July 2018

Welcome to the middle month of winter!

Your committee has been busy with the organisation of “Quilts for Friendship” on 25 & 26 / 8.

Don’t forget that we are looking for items for Maureen Devlin’s boutique. Sale proceeds will help to fund the QFO efforts next year.

Is anyone or a family member able to collect quilt stands on the Wednesday and/or return on the Monday morning? (Tow ball needed).

May I urge you to help to fill in the rosters, being circulated by Barbara Pommeroy. Members pay a $7 entry only once for the weekend, so that will help those who have rostered on for both days!

We need to borrow card tables from members for our tea/coffee area. Let me know if you are willing to lend one. Remember to put your name underneath and deliver as close as possible to set-up day.


“Essendon Constellation” raffle tickets are available for members to sell. Please remember that the money gathered will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research – a worthy cause, voted by members.

We took the quilt to the Seabreeze Quilt- in for show and tell, then sold tickets. There were lots of gasps and sighs when the quilt was displayed.  Some of the purchasers bought 2 tickets!


After our May morning teas, we donated $468.40 to The Cancer Council. Thanks to members!


“Showcase”, the annual display by Vic Quilters is on from 26 - 29 / 7 as part of “The Stitches and Craft Show”.  EQI is sponsoring a “Hand Piecing” award for Showcase, 2018.


Bendigo Bank’s machine has been booked for the July and August meetings to offer members the option of paying their membership by card at those meetings!


We need two volunteers for night meetings. We need a photographer to capture show and tell.

Santina has resigned from the role of organiser after an 18thmonth effort! The main jobs are to place table toppers and thread bins on tables and make sure all is returned to our kitchen cupboard, including tea and coffee gear. The QFO group leaves out the tea/coffee, so set-up is easier.


July meetings are sit and sew meetings. Remember that we have excellent heating in the Hall now.

I will be demonstrating a Christmas tree decoration for ‘skill sharing’ at both meetings.


“Floral Delight” with Christine Lethlean is on Saturday 15th/ 9. There is a need to sign up to give you time to gather fabrics.


The committee is wondering if members would be interested in a “Finish it up in February” day held on a Saturday, where you could bring along unfinished items, work on them and get help from experienced members. We’re trying to gauge interest before booking a date. Let us know if you would find that useful!


Keep warm!

Jan Stewart

EQI President.