Author: Heather Bonney


Hello Everyone

As I write this in the middle of the Easter break I am wondering if we have had the last days of summer this past week. My camellia is equally puzzled as it began flowering before March was over, a full six weeks earlier than usual. May was the time it showed its colours previously.

We held our delayed AGM in March and, because we had only one nomination for committee members, I asked the group if we could operate with all the present members as the general committee. They agreed. There will still be the required four positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who will meet frequently. I thank Lorraine, Nadine and Denise respectively for accepting these positions and thank Robyn for her years of serving as Vice President and Barb and Jacquie for their contributions.

It was great to welcome four new people to our March QFO day and they were soon busy sewing on heaps of labels, hand sewing binding etc. We decided that for our April QFO day on the 28th we will go back to having our greatly valued shared lunch.

Those who came to the night meeting were in awe of Tamara’s testing of patterns and her huge quilt top. The idea of having a bus trip in the middle of this year was further discussed and a couple of suggestions are being followed up.

In the January issue of Vic Quilters magazine, there are several events mentioned. However when I checked them via Google some of the dates had changed so I suggest that you double-check before you set out as there is nothing more frustrating than travelling for an hour or more and then finding out the event is not on.
* Vic Quilters Showcase. November 11-14 at Jeff’s Shed.
* Australian Textile Exhibition. April 17-May 2 at the Royal Botanic Garden,
*Australian Quilt Convention. August 20 at Exhibition Building
*Goldfields Quilt show. 29-30 May in Castlemaine
* Goldfields Quilt In.  September 18 in Castlemaine.
*Seabreeze Quilt In.  May  29 in Williamstown
*Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair. July 22-25 at Jeff’s shed.

As we cautiously began meeting as a group we said we would take things slowly to get the group back on its feet and, consequently, there will be no quilt show or Quilt-In this year. We will celebrate with The Biggest Morning Tea in May, we plan to have a bus trip and a Saturday sewing day later in the year. Any ideas/requests for a workshop or two will be definitely considered. Perhaps a quilting one? Simple quilting is all that is needed on our charity quilts.

I hope those of you who have been unwell are now recovering. It seems the vaccine rollout is having several problems but hopefully, they will be resolved soon and we will have more confidence in our ability to travel safely or gather in bigger numbers.

Meanwhile: Don’t look backwards, you’re not going that way.
Happy stitching. Heather Bonney, President.