Author: Heather Bonney


Enjoy the Festive Season …..


We were lucky with the weather for our two picnics in the park. The last one was well attended again and everyone enjoyed meeting up with other members. There was a small parcel for each attendee and we had our usual show and tell where we saw some beautiful quilts. The talent in EQI never ceases to amaze me.

On Thursday I took ten quilts to the aged care facility in Essendon and will enclose a photo of one of them along with a staff member. They were greatly appreciated and admired. This is the facility where one of our members resided during her last few months.

On the same day, Lorraine took seven quilts to Baptcare for foster children and twelve to Sunshine Hospital. That makes our grand total of distributed quilts this year 169, yes 169.  Magnificent effort considering what a year it’s been. Thank you to all those stitchers who gave their time and expertise to create so many gifts to those who are less well off than us. (See QFO 2020 December Plus)

I want to thank Robyn for her great effort to keep us all connected through the digital media this year. Thanks also to Denise for her help and expertise.

We will hold our first meetings on February 17th and 24th, and our Annual General Meeting in March, where all positions are declared vacant. In order to facilitate nominations, we will have forms available at the February meetings. Think about making a contribution to the running of the group next year! Many hands make light work.

At this time of the year, we are often asked to reflect on the year gone by. We all know how hard it has been in Victoria with the restrictions and the lockdown. We keep on hoping that the virus does not return here and watch with bated breath any fresh outbreaks in any state. Meanwhile, we can’t become complacent and think it’s gone completely.

I hope you all enjoy the festive season with family and friends and that you have some time for yourself amid all the busyness.