Author: Heather Bonney


Dear members …..

We will be back in action, a year after our last meeting. On Wednesday, 24th we will have our usual QFO day and our usual night meeting. All this will be under Covid safe rules so you are asked to byo everything- masks, mugs, food and drink. Hot water and milk will be available.

During the day there will be an opportunity for our impressive charity quilt makers to get some wadding, material for backing or for quilt tops, labels and anything else that’s in the cupboard that you need. There’s an open invitation to all members to come along sometime after 10 am on that day but before 2.30. You can stay 15 minutes or 2 hours - whatever suits you. To tempt you, even more, Pat S will have a wide range of quality fabric on sale at very reasonable prices from 12 p.m. and these will also be available at the night meeting.
Like many others, I was so disappointed that we couldn’t have a meeting last week but this now is an opportunity for us to get together and hopefully start what is going to be a much better year.
At present - but you know how things can change - we will have our AGM at the March day meeting when all committee positions are declared vacant so please remember to pick up a nomination form when you are at the Hall.

To cheer you up: The husband says ”My wife’s been hinting she wants something black and lacy for her birthday. So I got her a pair of football boots!”
Looking forward to hearing your better jokes,