Author: Heather Bonney


Hello Everyone

I think we can safely say we at EQI are getting back to normal. We had a really good turn out at the April day meeting with lots of discussions and even more Show and Tell items. There must have been a lot of quilts made during Covid and thanks go to the members who brought them along so we could all see some beautiful stitching, great colour combinations and different patterns.

It was decided that our bus trip would go to Amitié in Torquay for a sit and sew with morning tea and lunch included. Thanks go to Nadine for making the arrangements with Amitié and the bus company for June 19th. She will let us all know what we need to do to book a place and what the cut off date is so we can see if it is a viable proposition.

Our shared lunch returned on our QFO day and such a lot of food! I have to thank June and Tessa who always get the oven turned on in time to heat the homemade goodies. There was also a cream sponge which deserves a mention! We did more than eat though- there was fabric and wadding to cut, bindings and labels to sew on and backing pieces to find. Barbara P was instrumental in ensuring it all ran smoothly.

There is a charity group that sends menstruation kits to girls in East Timor so they don’t have to miss school on certain days. We are pleased to respond to a request from this group to donate a quilt for them to raffle to raise funds.

The May meeting is The Biggest Morning Tea and members are asked to bring a plate and a donation if possible for the Cancer Council. At that meeting, we will have Gayle Townsend from Made in a Pleasance with her beautiful special cards which you may have seen in Luicellos in the city.

Saturday the 31st of July has been booked as a sit and sew or finish it off day. Maybe we could call it ‘Join it in July’ day. These days were popular in 2019 so come along if you want to finish an article or get some help and advice. Write it up in your diary or calendar.

Let’s all enjoy these last warm days of autumn. Soon it will be time for heaters and woollen jumpers, soup and casseroles.
Stay safe and keep on stitching.

Heather Bonney, President.