Author: Kerry Roe


Hi! Everyone,


This year’s Quilt-In is shaping up to be one of our best.


Our Guest Speaker, Nicole Mallieau is about to launch her 3rd book, the 3 shops are preparing to entice you all with their wares, our table bookings have exceeded all expectations, the “raffle” quilt that Wendy Charles so graciously made and donated, now has a name: “The Time Of Toile”, and the 3 hampers that make up our “Treasure Chest” effort will be filled with goodies. Thank you to the members who donated those goodies! Lorraine Carr and I will be making those up at the September Day meeting.

[See Nicole’s website here, or see her blog ‘You Sew Girl’ here]

You Sew Girl bag

‘You Sew Girl’ bag

The Roster is filling, but we still need names down for kitchen duty, mini-raffle table, lucky number draw and help with the “show and tell”. Please help out if you can.

Set up is happening the night before, and the Committee and volunteers will be busy in our newly renovated hall. Doesn’t it look fabulous?….hopefully, the kitchen and back yard will be completed with-in the next 12 months.

Now, the Challenge for the Quilt-In is a bit different from previous years, this year we are asking you to make a bag!…which fits our theme beautifully, please join in and hopefully you will win a very special prize


[For any queries, offers to help etc. you can email Kerry at ]

Please Note:

  • Bookings are still coming in! If you are coming by car, can you put some fold-up chairs in your boot? Looks like we may need a few - Thanks.
  • Don’t forget to bring your plate to share. A-L Savoury; M-Z Sweet