Thank you

It’s Sunday evening and sadly the Quilt Show is over.  It is much too soon to do anything else but express our appreciation to our very dear quilting friends.


Firstly we want to thank Members who entrusted us with their quilts and displayed them as part of the Show.


Secondly, we want to thank everyone who visited or encouraged their friends and family to visit. We also appreciate all our Members and friends that supported our special efforts: to make or buy from the Boutique or contribute to our Group Quilt – Essendon Constellations- or buy and sell raffle tickets. We also love that so many of you stopped by the Café and celebrated with friends and family with tea and cake – and they were just scrumptious.


Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who made the Show possible by doing all the things that putting on a Show entails.


Thank you, Friends, – each and everyone one of you.