Will I get there…?


…it’s a race against time! The Quilt Show is nearly here and no, mine’s not finished yet! Where do I go to get off this planet and find the one with 28-hour days - where your passport is stamped ‘Strictly Quilters Only!’

This month has been so busy, with many preparations going on behind the scenes for our 2018 Quilt Show, along with Victorian Quilter’s Showcase, AGM planning, cataloguing new books, membership renewals, and getting our social media settled in. So, the stitching is a tad neglected, but the deadline is looming and some sewing needs to be done. Have you got yours ready, or like me being pulled away by the tide of daily life?


So, what’s to celebrate, and what’s coming up for your enjoyment or participation?


  • Victorian Quilters Showcase– it’s fabulous that EQI has recommenced sponsoring at Victorian Quilters Showcase. The inaugural ‘Award for Excellence in Hand Piecing’ (currently valued at $300.00), was won by Merrilyn Rootsey. Success was also achieved by our very own Marlene Bell with a category win – ‘Runner-Up First Time Entrant’, and who also took out the ‘Award for Domestic Machine Quilting’! Marlene’s quilt will be on display at our Quilt Show – so bring lots of friends to admire her work. ‘Essendon Constellation’, our whole group quilt was hung in the Member Group category and looked fabulous.
  • ‘Quilts of Friendship’ Quilt Show – Time to go back and read through your paperwork so you know when to drop off your quilt on Friday 24th Please allow a bit of time for the process to be completed. Look for any updates at the August meetings and in your email ‘Connecting Thread Updates’. Hope you are contributing a 12.5” ‘Fairytales’ block for the theme challenge – there are amazing prizes of retreats for yourself and a group of friends for Viewer’s Choice in both the challenge and the main display. Raffle tickets need to be returned ASAP, as the prize will be drawn on Sunday 26th August – so for those who want a chance to spread the quilt out on your bed – ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’ Rosters are filling up, just a few gaps to be filled, so if you can support your guild with a bit of time, take the opportunity to join in – all offers welcome!
  • Membership Renewal & AGM– Fees are due by October 1st. Forms are available at meetings and the EFTPOS machine will be at both the August meetings. It will not be accessible in September, so cash; cheque; or direct deposit will need to be done. A reminder that all Committee positions are spilled at the AGM in October and that un-financial members are unable to vote.
  • Members Plus Workshop – Christine Lethlean’s applique workshop still has places available for this member requested quilt and technique. If Jacquie’s Skill Sharing Needleturn session peaked your interest, consider having a go at the ‘Floral Delight’. I’m booked in as I’ve never attempted Needleturn – but can do turned edge - and it would be great if you could join us.
  • Paint Chip Challenge – perhaps ‘Floral Delight’ in your Paint Chip Challenge colours might be the answer to ‘I don’t know what to do!’ Hopefully, your ideas are already sorted and the stitching underway – thank goodness there’s time during September to finish it!
  • Social Media – Both our Facebook page and Instagram presence are gaining momentum. Already we have had one new visitor as a result!
  • August Meetings – Focus is on gathering together, taking stock and tying up any loose ends for the Quilt Show. We are on display to the world, so any participation of help contributes to the success and reputation of who and what we are about. The theme says it all – ‘Quilts of Friendship’. Show & Tell focus is ‘Baltimore’ quilts – something on my ‘bucket list’ but will I live long enough? Skill Sharing is ‘Easy Triangles’ with Lorraine Carr – looks a technique to get a quilt finished quickly!


Oh, I know there’s much missed or more to be added to this patter, so if I’ve overlooked the obvious or had a brain freeze moment – those wintery tides are to blame! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. As I finish this up, I know I’ll think of at least a dozen bits that should have been added - so catch up with us at the August meetings – see you there!

Now has anybody seen that planet …?

Robyn Roberts

EQI Vice-President.