Fending for itself …

by EQI Member: Heather B.

Hello everyone.

This is a photo of my mandarin tree which shows us life still goes on in spite of the record-breaking numbers. When this tree was about two years old we had a day of 35 degrees forecast. At the time it was covered in blossom and I thought to protect it I would cover it. Unfortunately, when I removed the cover I must have knocked off most of the blossoms because it had only 2 fruit that year. Now it has to fend for itself, high temperatures or not, and gives us lots of fruit.

Vic Quilters reminded us that we sponsor an ‘Award for Excellence in Hand Piecing’ as part of ‘Showcase’. This year is the third year of a three year commitment. When we are able to meet as a group we will need to discuss whether we continue with this award or choose another category. Perhaps members have other fields of endeavour that they would like to recognise.

As most of you know I’m a technological dinosaur but I had a great sense of achievement when I was able to join a Zoom meeting last week. My granddaughter set it up for me and it was really easy to become part of it and to see some familiar faces and what is being made. I’m sure if you would like to join in contact us at info@essendonquiulters.org.au so Nadine can give you the details (for Row by Row & Zoom link etc.).

During the lockdown, there would have been many quilt tops made for our QFO program. Thanks to the above granddaughter I now have some pieces of wadding cut off the enormous, heavy, awkward roll. If you require some wadding for a charity quilt please contact me, letting me know how much and together we’ll arrange for a contactless pick up (click-and-collect), either at your front door or mine. I can imagine there will need to be much quilting done to complete all those tops.

Finally, if you are looking for a good book to read, try ‘Still Life‘ by Sarah Winman. It’s full of quirky characters most of whom are likeable.

Stay safe, stay well, stay optimistic.