Author: Denise Shearer (on behalf of Committee)

Christmas Blockschristmas-blockz

Let us all take inspiration from the Night meeting’s two friendship groups and make a Christmas Block (or two) to enable some lucky members to take home twelve blocks to make a quilt.

Did you know that if each person that regularly attends the day meeting made a block then there would be nearly enough blocks for 4 members to take home 12 blocks! At the night meeting there would be three lucky members with some left over. So let us all be part of this friendship activity and play your part in making at least 84 blocks!

Please participate by making a 12 inch finished block in Christmas colours with cream background. It can be either hand or machine stitched. Each block will give you the opportunity to be the person with some Christmas blocks to make into a quilt. Blocks can be left at the Entry table starting in October.

To encourage and inspire your stitching fingers some ideas for blocks along with some instructions will regularly be published on In the tradition of EQI any Blocks in excess of a multiple of 12 will become a Quilt for Others or a special effort quilt.

Other things you need to know:

When submitting your block please attach both the name of your block and your name so in the spirit of friendship the recipient can acknowledge your contribution to the quilt. It is the recipient’s choice whether this is on the front or back.

For those EQI members that are such keen stitchers and are able to attend both Day and Night meetings it would be great if you can contribute a block to each meeting so that we achieve the challenge of 84 Christmas blocks.

Each block will go into the draw however you will not be eligible to win more than one set of 12 blocks at a meeting

It would be lovely if the winners of the blocks have completed their quilt within ten months so that EQI can create a display in 2017.