A picture’s worth a thousand words …

by EQI Member: Denise S.

I made this little QFO for Sunshine Hospital.

Much to my surprise, I was asked to write some instructions at the last QFO session. It’s easier to describe with pictures.

Make a simple four patch. I’m using 5-inch unfinished squares, leftover from a Charm Pack.

Step 2 is all about the cutting. Cut 1&3/4 inches from the two mid seams. I do the two vertical cuts first. To the right, or non-seam side, of your cut, you will have three inches. And will have three strips. Do the same for the horizontal seam. You end up with 9 pieces. (Picture 3)

Then you rearrange the 9 pieces as pictured. (Picture 4)

It finishes as an 8-inch block. When stitching I stitch in rows and press the seams in alternate directions for each row. The arrangement gives you a very tailored look whilst in the quilt, already donated, I just swapped the ‘five-inch finished four patch’ with another block.

I have made a disappearing four patch starting with a 19 inch finished four patches (ie four ten-inch squares). The cut from the centre seam was four inches. If you want to make a different sized block the ratio is 2 : 3, and then subtract 1/4 inch from the smaller number for your cut.

What is the point of an 8-inch block, and it is Lockdown after all? I don’t have a lot of remaindered charm squares but I do have oodles of leftover layer cakes! Well, a few less now. This is a very scrappy look, including the binding.

I am quite chuffed with the continuous curve crosshatch FMQ.