A pouch of half-inch hexies…

by EQI Member: Denise S.

I wanted to do something that was easy to put down as I supervised Annie and Dylan for remote learning. A 1/2 inch hexie UFO seemed like a good idea. However! First; I didn’t love it & it looked as though it was abandoned because of an error joining the hexies together. Second, there was a very small number of hexies prepped and/ cut. Third, of course, was that the other yarn-dyed fabrics could not be found in that ‘Beyond Life Expectancy’ stash.

I’ve had a lot of fun managing to put together a little flower garden. The stash delivered a lovely piece of black linen as background. Whilst still a work in progress I’m intending to make a 14 by 10-inch pouch. I am surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the appliqué. Thanks to the careful easing of restrictions I have a zip. ‘What happened to the UFO?’ you ask. Well with a little judicious unpicking and some appliqué I have the back panel as well.