‘Not quilting’ she says …

Lorraine C

Have been very busy, not quilting so have nothing to contribute again this week. Have finished a “seven sisters” hand quilted for a friend (hand quilting only), so I have been doing something!
Picked up Joanna Green’s stash from her son, Joseph.  Have gone through it and will bring it on Wednesday to go on the sale table. Donation to qfos.

  • Two bags cut out but not started, no patterns.
  • Quilts cut out, one is “peacock at the gate”, no pattern, a challenge.
  • Knitting  stuff, needles, crochet hooks, embroidery hoop,
  • dare I say it, seven sisters with home made templates,
  • clam shell template and papers,
  • hexagons cut out with papers, etc,
  • lots of bag wadding,
  • quilting books,
  • Margaret’s owl pattern and sample and lots cut out.
  • Quilt bags ,a sewing machine bag, hand held, knitting bags, etc.

Anything not taken will go to the op shop Wednesday afternoon. If you are interested in something and you cannot make it (to the Wednesday 17th meeting) give me a call on ….

**Phone number withheld due to safety/security/privacy concerns as this is not a ‘Members Only’ post. Please make contact via a Committee member, or info@essendonquilters.org.au and your message will be passed on.

Lorraine C.