Greetings Everyone …

by EQI Member: Heather B.

I keep thinking of a line from an Abba song -“  My, my, here we go again”. It’s so hard to believe that we are in lockdown again and waiting each day to see what the numbers are. It’s not Dan this time, it’s James and Brett accompanied by the Health Minister and the Covid-19 Commander.

So many planned activities have had to be cancelled. Sea Breeze Quilters have moved their Quilt In at Williamstown to the 31 st of July which, unfortunately, is the day EQI has booked as a Finish It Up Day for our own members.
Wyndham Patchworkers is holding a 25th Anniversary Quilt In on Saturday, 11th of September. There will be further information about that event as we get closer to the planned date.
We wait with bated breath to see if our bus trip can go ahead on the 19th and surely, we will be able to hold our quilting workshop on July 17th. I’m glad we chose not to have a ‘big event’ this year.

Last month we had Gayle Townsend from Made in a Pleasance come to the day meeting with her unique cards. While going through a bag of donated stuff I found lots of pieces of lace, tiny artificial flowers etc so I contacted Gayle to see if she wanted them. Before she said yes, she again said how very pleased she was to be able to come out and share her wares with us.

Membership welfare is always very important to us so it was with shock and horror we found a member on the footpath outside the Hall on our QFO day. Lorraine misplaced her footing on the last step, resulting in a broken bone in her left leg and an operation. She is now recuperating and, always being positive, she says it’s like being on a cruise. All meals are prepared and brought to her, no dishes or laundry to do etc. Of course, there are no visitors to hospitals at the moment so this is one time I’m so grateful to the inventor of the mobile phone.

Our next June meeting, all Covid restrictions being eased, is at St John’s Church Hall, corner of Buckley Street on THURSDAY, the 17th. Bring your own lunch, mug, hand sewing and mask and watch our regular updates on your device for any new information. The night meeting for June is at the hall on Wednesday, 23 rd after a regular QFO day. As soon as restrictions ease the Salvation Army is going to pick up a number of quilts, just in time for winter.

Take care. Stay warm, well and safe. Did you know a sewciopath is a person with an anti-social sewing disorder??

Sent by Heather Bonney.