Can you hear the music?…

by EQI Member: Robyn R.

A dip into the stash found a panel with accompanying pictures and fabric - bought who knows when! Can’t remember what the plan was, no notes, no hints, so start from scratch.

Measurements don’t match up, and the print is crooked, do I put it back in the pile, throw it out, or persist? Still in lockdown, so put the brain to work coming up with a plan. Not much fabric, wonder why there’s only 30cm of each? So hunt out a really old piece of motley batik, which saved the day.

Building up frames around the panel and pictures to camouflage - well try to - the crooked printed edges and make it fit together. Who said you don’t need maths! Just enough fabric - nothing left over for the scrap pile - yippee!

Still think it needs an outer border, but that will have to wait until the shops are open - hopefully this side of Christmas - as have absolutely nothing in the stash that is either enough fabric or goes with the colour scheme. So perhaps this one is ‘nearly done’.

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Robyn R