Author: Robyn Roberts (On behalf of Committee)


12 Blocks for Christmas – ‘Oh dear, what have I done?’

Members saw some already completed blocks, so we are on the way to having our first set of Christmas Blocks to give away at our Christmas breakups. This block – ‘What have I done? - is machined pieced by Lorraine Carr. She says:

“Reason for making this pattern. I do like this pattern because life goes in different directions and you don’t know where you will end up. Reason why the completed block looks like this with outer borders - someone added 3 x 4″ squared (12″), cut 4 blocks to complete square - well, that does not look like 12″ - what have I done?? OK, add 3 1/2” borders all around - that does not look too bad.

Merry Xmas, Lorraine Carr.”

'What have I done?" by Lorraine Carr

‘What have I done?” by Lorraine Carr

Download Requirements and Instructions for making this block.

[An archive copy is on the ‘Activities - Workshops’ page.]

Here’s another of Lucy Boston’s ‘Patchwork of the Crosses’ block from Robyn Roberts - this time with Santa’s reindeer ready to lead his sleigh.

'Lucy's Christmas #2' by Robyn Roberts

‘Lucy’s Christmas #2’ by Robyn Roberts

Robyn says …

“Put together an enjoyment of machine appliqué, an old Bernina that doesn’t even have button-hole stitch (that’s another story), left over red fabric from the ‘Paint Chip Challenge, and just happening to be cataloguing an EQI Library book - a playful result! Text and fabric have a niche role in patchwork, usually as a printed fabric (a favourite of Irene Blanck), or as an embroidery embellishment. Here, the red was also used as a ‘peeper’ to join the appliqué section to the outer pieces, plus a top and bottom ‘border’.”

'Joy' by Robyn Roberts

‘Joy’ by Robyn Roberts

The book ‘The ABC’s of Words on Quilts’* by Elizabeth Scott is available for loan from the EQI Library.


*Catalogue #793



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