What are your ‘Bits ‘n’ Bobs’?

Denise S


One of the enjoyable parts of our pre-COVID meetings were the fragments of helpful stitching hints.

I now always use soup cans as fabric weights to stop large quilts sliding off the table as I pin the binding prior to machine stitching. Or sharing interesting items such as Sue de Vanny’s unsuccessful Archibald entry portrait of a shimmering Jenny Bowker - see on Instagram @sdev0106.

We hope that you will share some Bits ‘n’ Bobs on those occasions when perhaps you do not have stitching to show but have something interesting, informative, intriguing, idiosyncratic or entertaining in your stitching and handcrafting world.

Of course, we want you to continue to share pictures of your work and their story. It is a privilege to have an insight into their ‘what and why’, along with interesting snippets that have caught your fancy (Thanks to Lorraine).

Just send your items to info@essendonquilters.org.au. I am assured by our hardworking Robyn that from her perspective, the members are doing the work, and she is more than happy to help keep us stay connected in these COVID times.


My Favourite Stitching thing!

I love these blocks of wood as they turn my folding table into a bench. It makes cutting and pining easy, as I can stand without bending too much. Then the very smart bloke in my life saw me pinning a quilt when I put two of the folding tables together. And my four blocks became six, with the addition of little circles that hold the legs so that the bench never accidentally became a table again.


Denise S