What quilts did you enjoy doing, or one you learnt a new technique? …

by EQI Member: Lorraine C.

These tops are from the QFO day in August. I look forward to seeing them finished.

One of my favourite quilts I completed, was started by Edith Boulter, (she did all the hard work choosing the pattern, fabrics, etc). “Twelve Days of Xmas Australian style”. My first needle turn, nearly first free motion quilting. Gum leaves, bottlebrush, everything Australian. I will hang it for the Xmas meeting.

Just looking back 5 years ago on my iPad (I wish I could get to forward my photos - the iPad is playing up). I took all our QFO quilts to the Wattle Festival in Hurstbridge to decorate the hall for the CWA Devonshire tea fundraiser.  It looked wonderful with all the colourful quilts.

4 years ago in August, we had our last Quilt Show then we had a lockdown.  Perhaps it is time to think about our next quilt show. What will we make?  Design, piecing, needle turn, art. The sky is the limit!
Do we need to start now? 

In the meantime, I would love to see a photo of your favourite quilt. The one you have a real affection for. Send it to newseditor@essendonquilters.org.au and give Robyn something to work with. She slaves away each Saturday trying to come up with something to keep us interested. I’m really looking forward to some photos!

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Lorraine C