‘To Pluto and Beyond’

Denise S


It is lovely each week to see all the wonderful stitching, and because of a sixth birthday over this weekend I have something to share that I made this week.

The truism of you ‘never seem to have enough fabric‘  applied even though I had 2 metres of a space fabric. I did, however, have a solar system panel purchased in the states and ‘To Pluto and Beyond’ was conceived. We all love Buzz and Toy Story.

The pattern is from Debbie Grifka’s book, ‘Lines by Designs Quilts‘. She is renown for minimalist work but skimming social media I saw some of her quilts described as good masculine quilts. The original has the rectangular boxes floating on the field fabric. With some adjustment of size and substituting some of the panel for the Space fabric, I squeezed out this 59″ by 60″ quilt with a 2″ by 20-inch strip remaining. Also, I did use the rest of the panel on the back.

My day was made when I received a WhatsApp picture showing the 6 year old asleep having shifted beds with both quilt and cuddle bears.

It’s great that our 14-day average is below 50. Thanks to everyone for doing your part and stay safe. Please enjoy your stitching and share whatever is keeping you busy.



Denise S