by EQI Member: Denise S.

I was delighted when I got this one finished. It took forever to quilt as the rainbows in the bottom half are stitched mostly on the left side of the needle.

It’s a gift for Madeline who is about three months old who lives in North Queensland. I hope it’s a great play blanket, gets dragged out and around to the beach, to her Mum’s triathlons, and doubles up as a cubby. If Mandy is like her Mum, grandmother and great grandmother she will chase her dreams, and find them.

The pattern, ‘Cobblestones’, is by Debbie Grifka. It is one of her charity quilts and is available free on her website, although they are hard to find. Naturally I made the pattern my own by adding another row. A square is after all a rectangle, just a special one.

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Denise S