Purple meets Westalee!

Another year is about to begin for our group of QFO ladies under the leadership of Maureen Devlin.

Starting in February, during the day of the Evening Sit and Sew, everyone is welcome to pop in and lend a hand.

Times: 10.00am - 2.00pm approx

Dates for 2019: Wednesday, February 27; March 27; April 24; May 22; June 26; July 24; August 28; September 25; October 23.

 Download Or, click here to print our Diary Dates to put in your diary.

Which part of the process do you prefer to help out with?

Do you like…

  • Fossicking in the fabric stash, selecting and cutting
  • Machine piecing blocks together
  • Machine applique shapes
  • Sashing sewn blocks
  • Ironing fabric or seams
  • Adding the borders (if any)
  • Cutting the wadding and backing
  • Quilting the top
  • Adding the binding
  • Stitching the binding
  • Adding the label

Me, I like machine quilting the top -it’s a great way to explore options and practice different ideas or tools. I aim to do 4 a year, so here’s the first for 2019.

I use quilting rulers for a domestic sewing machine to make patterns. Westalee Quilting Rulers feature on this quilt. Two different patterns in alternating blocks, plus the border.

QFO Quilt January 2019

QFO Quilt January 2019

And all over the quilt - now it’s ready to be passed on for the binding to be done

QFO Quilt January 2019

When do you prefer to help out?

  • On the QFO day
  • At home
  • At a Day Meeting, eg., sew on a binding
  • At an Evening Sit and Sew eg., use the Go-Cutter to cut out applique shapes

Me, I’m happy to quilt at home where I’ve got everything set up.

So one down, three more to go!